Slow Technology

It started this summer, I had heard so much about it, and after debating whether I should go down the rabbit hole I figured why not? How much fun could a game about mining/gathering/crafting be anyway? I opened it up that first time and was pretty bored I didn’t know what to do or how to make anything, and after punching some trees I went to bed. The next day I played a little more and then a increasingly more until it has consumed me. I dream about blocks and gathering Redstone, about hearing the “thwat” of an arrow, from a skeleton, shoot by me in a dark cave. The progress through the game is fast for me now, especially with a mouse, I’m able to gather resources quickly. however by making the control more physical will they game keep its addictiveness. making the player gather resources, slow and hard one block at a time. To create this experience, I want to make a series of controllers for the computer game Minecraft that look like tools and function as tools in the game. For example a pickaxe that controls the characters movement and when it mines, however the catch is that for every time the character swings his pick axe the player must swing the controller. The swinging and movement are mapped out on the Arduino from a gyro sensor and an accelerometer. The whole thing also wirelessly connects via Bluetooth and the player can switch between in game tools using a RFID chip attached to the bottom of the controller.

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