Resonated art works

From writing, Feedforward.The Angel of History, the Feedforward exhibition had 5 major categories to present the artworks. Those are current aesthetics and symbolic language of media/ 20th centrury’s remains from war and conflict/ surveilance and repression to maintain control/ economic forces(outsourcing, migration)/ possibilities of reconstruction and agency. All categories has interesting point of view and various way to express their opinion via art. Since personal interest is interation between person to person or group to group, especially Stephanie Rothenberg’s and Jeff Crouse’s mixed reality installationInvisibleThreads(2008) looks slightly more interesting than other categories.

Invisible Thread(2008) indicates media language, economical and polotical issues as well as the other artworks have. The most interesting thing is that the virtual world’s products are transformed into our real living life space. The invisible but existing world has its own power to produce or make an exact form of reaction on the real-world.

Following links are also connected with  the invisible world’s action can affect on the real-life surroundings and shows it in a real-time way.


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