My Picks on Progress

Based on my background being rooted in architectural design  I had to search the past for work that I have created dealing with this specific topic of progress.  An  interest of mine has always been surveillance and its implications to public space.  I was drawn to Hasan Elahi, TRACKING TRANSIENCE: A MONTH OF SUNDAYS and his self inflicted surveillance necessary in relieving the suspicion of the US government. 

This work resonated with an earlier project I developed for rural communities in need of support to sustain their existence.  I developed a proposal that would monitor the entire populations telephone activity.  Listing stations where then setup along the main road of the town allowing visitors to listen in on the population.  The self inflicted surveillance did not clear the town’s name but it intended to unmask the hidden uncertainty.

SYSTEM-77 CCR CONSORTIUM,,  a civilian run surveillance system in response to state run surveillance interested me since private surveillance typically is never used to defend civilians against the state.  In a New York City Lights Competition I had proposed that an open surveillance system of cameras be deployed at all intersections.  The network would be accessible to the public similar to a police radio scanner.  The public would be allowed to review live video, report crime both perpetrated by civilians and police.




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