defeated by the internet

so, i spent most of last night writing a well thought out, and kind of funny, post about the fast forward show. when i clicked submit, i was greeted with this sadistic screen.

a moment of panic. surely it’s not gone, but it was gone. the entire blog was down until this morning. it was then i checked the draft folder, and with great relief saw that it had been automatically saved. well, half of the first sentence had been saved. so, it is with great sadness i now write this.

i chose trevor paglen and stella brennan.

here is trevor paglen on the colbert report¬†and here he is at google’s hq. the video at google is an hour long, but pretty cool.

here is an interview stella brennan did for the 2008 liverpool biennial.

i’m very excited to talk about these things in class, but as of now, the internet is on my bad side. there’s also a good chance i’ll come in and edit this post as the words from last night filter back into my head. i wanted to put some links up in the meantime. i highly recommend looking more into paglen’s work if you have any interest in conspiracy theory regarding aliens/the government.


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